Bio Confidential


The inspiration behind the body of work for this collection comes from my ongoing research and exploration into Sustainability in Design.  More recently working in materials not previously used, combined with materials I currently work with, such as BioResin.  I have also been working towards creating a material which will have longevity yet is biodegradable using natural ingredients.  


The pieces chosen for this exhibition are specifically based on the built environment.  To then portray this I used materials such as confidential paper waste, to highlight the dynamic of waste and reuse of materials, and information of details for developmental changes of the local area.  I chose jewellery concrete and gypsum plaster to parallel the ongoing sustainable development materials, in discussion with mindfulness of the pros and cons of using such materials in large scale projects with relation to the carbon footprint for ongoing developments.  



This body of work consists of two wall canvases and a neck piece.  The two recycled canvases feature blocks of flats, new apartments, the human settlements interpreted, with the windows being detachable brooches, to represent our interchangeable times.  The handmade neckpiece again is to relate to the built environment around us, the reconstruction of an area in which we live.