Custom orders and made-to-order items are made specifically for you and are non-refundable/non-returnable due to the personalised nature of the piece. 

Custom orders can take time to design and make, please be aware of this when purchasing your jewellery. 

All items are handmade designs and may differ slightly from the photographed image, please be aware of this.  This is as each item is completely unique and individual.

Over time silver can tarnish and gold can dull.  All jewellery should be handled with care.

Perfume, perspiration, chlorine, cleaning detergents and lotions can have a negative effect on your jewellery.    

Remove jewellery before washing your hands.  

Oxidised sterling silver is sterling silver darkened to create a completely different finish. The oxidised sterling silver imitates a vintage appearance and can create a contrast when wearing with gold or silver.

To prolong the oxidised appearance extra care must be taken with this item, as outlined above.

To polish the item at home a simple microfibre or suede cloth can help bring some shine back to your oxidised jewellery.